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Unique Airtime Services - the Pivotel Advantage

  • +1 numbers – Post paid airtime plans supplied with unique local based numbers at no additional charge. 
  • Suspension feature – We offer the ability to suspend service for up to 6-months at a time for just $5/month. 
  • Free Incoming calls on most plans – ability for calls to be placed to the Iridium phone without any charges to the phone.
  • Hardware – Competitive pricing on standard as well as custom built hardware for the Iridium, Globalstar and Inmarsat networks.

Partner Program Built for Success!

  • Generous one-time connection bonuses and ongoing residuals on every line activated
  • All credit and billing handled by Pivotel
  • Leverage our marketing resources and funds
  • Maintain control of your sales process and customer relationships
  • Direct end-user hardware and airtime support for all services connected, even if we did not sell the hardware!
  • Simplified activation process allows you to focus on selling!

Global Presence and Visibility – Steps Ahead of Other Network Providers

Tier 1 carrier-grade, fully redundant switching and transmission infrastructure directly interconnected with the satellite operators ensuring high levels of network availability and enabling Pivotel to innovate in the delivery of enhanced customer services.

A modern fully IP-based network able to support satellite and terrestrial (4G) voice and high-speed data services and a broad range of value-added services to provide improved call management, messaging and alerting.

More places for customers to connect to the Pivotel network and secure the end-to-end transmission of their critical data. Points of interconnect in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Los Angeles and New York.

Fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand Telecommunications Acts, Telecommunications Interception Acts, Industry Codes and regulations so you can trust Pivotel to put our customers and community responsibilities first.

World Class Satellite Optimization Solutions – Making Airtime Count

Pivotels RedPort brand features industry leading solution for the satellite products and solutions includingsatellite VoIP Gateways, satellite data routers, satellite terminals, and OEM satellite products and services for Iridium, Globalstar, and others. Our XGate suite of services for satellite data users includes satellite email, web, weather, social media and blogging services.  No matter where you are in the world, or which satellite network you are using, you will have a better experience while saving airtime with RedPort Global products.

Value-Added Services - Airtime Independent Devices and Services

  • OEM development of hardware and software solutions for Iridium, Globalstar, and Inmarsat
  • Development of complementary products like the HALO WiFi Extender

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