Thales VesselLink Bundle


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Thales VesselLink Bundle
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    Cobham Sailor 4300 Bundle Plan Details

    Plan Name Maritime 0MB Bundle Maritime 50MB Bundle Maritime 100MB Bundle Sailor 4300 500MB Bundle Maritime 2GB Bundle Maritime 5GB Bundle Maritime 10GB Bundle
    Monthly Included Data Allowance (MB) 0MB 50MB 100MB 500MB 2000MB 5000MB 10000MB
    Excess Data (Per MB) $17.50 $8.75 $7.50 $4.00 $1.15 $0.85 $0.60
    Outgoing Call Cost to standard US fi xed or cellular services, voicemail retrieval and band 1 countries (per minute) $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45
    Incoming Call Cost (Per Minute) $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45
    Thales VesselLink $225/month + $130 monthly access fee $225/month + $375 monthly access fee $225/month + $650 monthly access fee $0 Upfront + $1,565 monthly access fee $0 Upfront + $1,950 monthly access fee $0 Upfront + $2,600 monthly access fee
    Minimum Contract Term 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months

    Special Calls & Value Added Services

    Certus Maritime Band Rates

    Terms & Conditions

    Pivotel America Inc (Pivotel) Iridium Certus Maritime plans use the Iridium Mobile Satellite Network. Satellite reception limitations and some exclusion zones apply. Visit for a coverage map. An Iridium Certus terminal is required to access the Pivotel Iridium Certus Maritime service. All calls are charged in 60-second increments unless otherwise stated. Any stated minute charges are to band 1 countries only (which includes the United States). Calls to higher bands may be at higher rates. Pivotel may apply call barring where fraudulent use is suspected or for credit control purposes. Data is charged in 1KB increments. Prices are in USD excluding tax and are subject to change. Minimum cost is purchase cost of hardware (if applicable) + monthly access fee x contract term + monthly hardware payment cost (if applicable) x contract term. You may receive a pro-rata access fee charge on your first Pivotel bill, calculated from the actual date of service connection to the date of your first bill. Hardware payment is over 36 months. You will receive a bill by email from Pivotel listing any payments you have made during the billing period, and a summary of your service usage to enable you to keep track of your overall service usage and monthly spend. Itemised billed and unbilled service usage is available in the secure Selfcare website at An itemized bill listing all of your service usage events is available on request. You may elect to receive a paper bill by post for an additional fee. Pivotel plans are available to credit approved customers only.

    VesseLINK™ by Thales

    VesseLINK™ by Thales – a global leader in delivering sophisticated solutions for the world’s navies – gives your critical marine operation global communications coverage. It is the solution to depend on for essential communications wherever and whenever you are at sea. Whether you operate a large fleet or a single vessel, this solution is designed to meet your unique challenges through a simple, adaptable and robust design.

    VesseLINK comes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and can be quickly integrated into existing vessels or new fleets. It also includes built-in upgradeability to extend the life of your investment and ensure peak speed and performance.

    Technical Specifications & Features


    • Size 35.6 cm dia. x 22.9 cm h
    • Weight 3.2 kg


    • Size 30.5 cm x 22.9 cm x 7.6 cm
    • Weight 3.4 kg

    Safety Services:

    • Voice and data enabled delivering up to 3 dedicated voice channels
    • Telemedicine capable
    • Location tracking

    Operational Enhancements:

    • Enhanced at-sea reporting, service logging, crew connectivity, system/cargo monitoring and other operational requirements
    • Real-time weather
    • Embedded 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Access point
    • Multiple user capability, up to 12 connected devices
    • Application enabled functionality for Android and iOS devices
    More Information
    Network Iridium
    Brand Pivotel
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